Sermon: Sunday, September 24, 2017, "It's Time For A Change!"

Pastor's Pen

“It’s Time For A Change!” It’s time for us to put away the slave mentality and put on the mentality of being Kings, Queens, Conquerors, and Children of God. God does not want us at the bottom of the totem pole. He does not want His children living in poverty and scratching to make ends meet. Why do we have to suffer when help is so near? Brothers and sisters it is time for us to release that slave mentality and have our minds renewed by God.  It’s time for us to let God wash our brains of the nonsense that has been planted and plagued in our brains for soooo many years. It’s time for us to have our brains washed by God and to become heirs of the wealth and prosperity that belongs to us as Children of the Most High God.


May Grace and Peace be multiplied upon you,

Love Always, Pastor S.L. Taylor

Unity Mission Church