Our Pastor

Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor assisted her late husband, Pastor Harold L. Taylor, with opening up Unity Mission Church approximately 10 1/2  years ago. They both worked tirelessly day after day, for months until finally on August 9, 2009 they opened up the doors of the Church for their very first dynamic Service.  

Their first Church was located on 7 Mile Rd and Livernois. Because of their continuous hard work, in February of 2016, God blessed them and the Unity Mission Church family with the beautiful Church building which they now worship in located at 1335 Oakman Blvd. Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor has extensive knowledge of God’s word. Prior to being ordained as the Pastor of Unity Mission Church, she served as a faithful and dedicated Missionary for almost 15 years. She was the founder of many Outreach Programs such as “Kitchen Delite” where she fed the hungry; The St. Flora B. Hurt Scholarship Program, where she gave away a multitude of scholarships; “Coats for Kids & Toys for Tots,” here she made sure that needy children had clothes and toys for Christmas; She visited the sick and the incarcerated; She visited Senior Citizens who had been forgotten by their family members. She is also the founder of the tutoring program at their Church. She recently received her Doctorate of Divinity. Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor and her late husband, Elder Dr. Harold Louis Taylor have taken many spiritual pilgrimages around the world gathering as much knowledge as possible to share with their members. One of the most educational trips that they took was to Egypt. Here is where they visited the tombs of some of the ancient great kings and ancient great and powerful pharaohs. “Seeing the mummified bodies and actual pictures of these great pharaohs and kings, we now know without a doubt that these pharaohs and kings are our ancestors. 

Yes, we are descendants of Kings and Queens and Pharoahs. We have to teach our youth where they came from so that they will truly know that they are somebody,” says Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor. “Many times our youth get into trouble because they are not taught from whence they came, leaving them void and empty inside. Because of this they develop an ‘I don’t care attitude’ which lands them in trouble many times.  

They also have to be taught the importance of prayer and how to pray and that Jesus is truly our Lord of Lords and our King of Kings.” In addition to visiting the tombs of our ancestors, Pastor Harold and Sivena LaShelle Taylor have been inside the great pyramids and they have touched the great sphinx. They have firsthand knowledge about our ancestors that you will not read about in an ordinary book. Pastor Taylor has in her home library many of the lost books that were taken out of the Bible by the King James administration. A lot of this knowledge is taught to the members. Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor has been an active member in Church all of her life and she is truly a Prayer Warrior who believes in the Power of Prayer. 


She encourages the members to have a Prayer Room. Upon waking up in the morning our Pastor teaches us that we should immediately give thanks to God. Next we are taught to go into our Prayer Room and have prayer. In these perilous, evil, and uncertain times that we are living in, we are encouraged to wake up praying, go to bed praying, and pray as much as you can all in between. Our pastor realizes that we have to stay “Prayed Up!” Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor takes pride in visiting the sick and incarcerated, helping the youth, helping the poor, the down trodden, the broken hearted, the elderly and whoever else is in need. 

One of her greatest joys is praising the Lord, and bringing on a powerful word from God each Sunday. Not only is she a great Pastor, she is also a dynamic teacher and an awesome motivational speaker. Because of her love for the Youth, she has instituted several programs at the Church designed to “Keep our Youth off of the Streets and to m   ake them Productive Citizens in Society!” Among these programs are FREE Tutoring, FREE trips, FREE food, Praise Dance team, Praise Steppers team, Youth Choir, Kiddy Choir,Gospel Brass Band, etc. Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor is also a very successful math teacher in the city of Detroit with a Master’s Degree in Math/Education and Educational Administration. She has a strong reputation for being able reach students that other teachers are not able to reach and for raising Test scores among these students. Because of her success as a math teacher, while working at Northwestern high school she was one of the nominees for “The Teacher of the Year Award”. While working at Sampson Webber Academy, after raising Standardized Test scores in every math class that she taught and for going beyond the call of duty assisting students, staying after school and tutoring without pay, Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor was awarded the “The Teacher of the Year Award”.

She is also a three time awardee of “Who’s Who Among America’s Top Teachers”. Prior to her ordination as Pastor, she was and still is an excellent Mistress of Ceremonies (MC). She served as local and national MC for various Christian Events around the country. Several years ago, her son’s choir received a trip to New York to sing. Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor was the Mistress of Ceremonies for this wonderful Musical Extravaganza which was held down the street from the famous “Apollo” Theater. Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor also has a passion for assisting the Seniors as well as the Youth. Pastor Taylor is working hard to start a Seniors Day Program, where the Seniors will be picked up and brought to the Church for games, bingo, tv time, light exercise, prayer, Bible study, food/snacks, etc. Pastor Taylor understands that a lot of Seniors live alone and many of them are often forgotten. Pastor Taylor honors and cherishes Senior Citizens. Our Pastor realizes that without our youth, we have no future; and without our Seniors there would be no today. We thank the Almighty God for blessing Unity Mission Church with such a Mighty and Diverse Woman of God!