One of Unity Mission’s focus is the Youth.

One of Unity Mission's focus is the Youth.

We realize that our youth face tremendous challenges in the world that we live in today, challenges that were not prevalent 20 years ago. We also realize that the devil is trying to kill, steal, and destroy all of us but especially our young people. He knows that if he destroys our youth, we have no future. It is up to us to preserve and save our youth. It is our job as Churches and men and women of God to provide our young people with constructive activities that will take their minds off of the activities in the streets.

Unity Mission Church under the leadership of our dynamic Pastor Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor, offer a variety of activities and trips for our youth. Friday is youth day. Our theme is to “Get Our Youth Off Of The Streets.” All rehearsals for the various activities are from 5-7pm. Pizza and refreshments served!!!

We also go on fun, exciting, and clean cut trips. On Sunday mornings during the 11 am Service, we have  a special program where the youth can display their talent for the Lord. The band plays gospel music, the praise dancers dance, the praise steppers step, and our children & youth choirs sing.

Our youth is very loyal to their jobs. For this reason, we believe in awarding them with youth trips.
We have gone on many trips which include Cedar Pointe, Kalahari Resorts, Disney World, Disney Land, Lima, Ohio, weekend getaways, etc.