Our Leadership Team

The Leadership Team at Unity Mission Church is comprised of several men and women who are eager and inspired to do the works of the Almighty God. Among these hard and dynamic workers are:


Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor

The Deacon Board:

Deacon Mizellus Wilson – President

Deacon Charles Williams

Deacon James Freeman

Deacon Akeem Taylor


Leadership Team:

 Dr. Sivena LaShelle Taylor, Pastor, Quran Taylor, Akeem Taylor, Minister Piper Christian

Mizellus Wilson, Charles Williams, Clifford Parker, James Freeman,

Sister Barbara Hurt, Dorothy Simpson, Laverne Bethea,

Dorothy Bethea, and Piper Christian.

President of Presidents:
Barbara Hurt

Mother Dorothy Simpson (Mother of the Church)

Youth Pastor:
Elder Quran Taylor

Deacon Akeem Taylor

Youth President:
Deacon Akeem Taylor

Youth Vice Presidents:
Brianna Simpson & Rebecca Smith

Reader of the Pastor’s Pen:
Aaliyah Holt